Over time Computer’s need a little more TLC because of the demand for new software that uses more of your PC’s memory. Here are some handy tips to extend the life of your computer.

1. Antivirus – Virus and Malware can infect your computer using up your memory in the background, it is important to use a trusted Antivirus with regular scans to eliminate any virus or malware and increase your memory.

2. Background Programs & Services – All you can see when your start up your PC is a desktop and some icons but there is alot going on behind that. Background programs & services make the system run by each having a specific task, but do we really need every task? The answer is simply NO.

Search up your task manager, here you will find all the programs and services running, go to “startup” and see which programs are enabled that your don’t use and change to disabled, now when you reboot your PC won’t auto-start that program.

3. Disk Space – Freeing up disk space on your Hard Drive is one of the quickest ways to speed up your PC or Laptop. Delete any files you don’t need making sure you leave plenty of space on your Operating Systems drive for future updates.

4. Disk Defrag – Defraging your disk will eliminate bad sectors leaving your disk to run like new. Most computer’s have built-in Defrag software. Frequent defrags will help increase the speed of your PC.

5. Cleaning – Having your PC cleaned and removal of dust can help speed up your PC as over time dust can build up causing overheating issues. An easy and safe way to clean it is with compressed air.

6. Selective Software – If you are running low on memory in your computer consider using lower memory usage software there are many different types of the same software available check your task manager to see which is using too much memory and consider finding an alternative.



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